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Recent Projects – Environmental Assessments, Wetland Delineations, and Permitting


Little River

Little Creek WWTP Upgrade and Expansion EA (Wake and Nash counties, NC)

RJG&A is responsible for State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) documentation, 404/401 permitting, wetland delineations, stream assessments, rare species surveys, and regulatory agency coordination for this project, which will expand the Little Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant from 2.2 MGD to 6.0 MGD to serve the growing towns of Zebulon and Wendell. Our engineering partner is Stearns and Wheler-GDH.

RCW tree Boiling Spring Lakes Water Distribution System EA (Brunswick County, NC)

RJG&A prepared the EA for the City of Boiling Spring Lakes construction of 27.8 miles of water distribution lines. The project alleviated groundwater dependence by connecting customers to the Brunswick County water distribution system. Ecologically unique limesink complex habitats are common throughout the service area, as is habitat for the federally endangered red-cockaded woodpecker (Picoides borealis). Red-cockaded woodpecker sightings, nesting trees, foraging habitat, and the locations of other rare species and their habitats and biological resources were identified and mapped by RJG&A biologists. RJG&A determined the least-impact project alignments, and negotiated agency concurrence with a Finding of No Significant Impact (FNSI). Our engineering partner was W.K. Dickson.


Wastewater Treatment and Collection System and Water Supply Line Improvements EA (Washington and Tyrell counties, NC)

RJG&A prepared a NEPA EA for 31 miles of a new low pressure septic tank effluent pump (STEP) sewer collection system force main, including two pump stations and two main trunk lines, that will be constructed mostly within roadside right-of-way, and an upgrade of the existing Creswell wastewater treatment plant. The new collection lines will transfer wastewater from Tyrrell County’s Scuppernong Township to the Town of Creswell’s upgraded WWTP with discharge to the Scuppernong River in Washington County. RJG&A staff surveyed the proposed alignment for endangered species and impacts to wetlands and streams. Additional desktop GIS analyses were completed to assess the extent of wetlands, species habitats, and floodplain impacts along the alignments. Our engineering partner is The Wooten Company.

Kinston wildflowersKinston-Neuse Regional Water Treatment Plant, Raw Water Intake, and Distribution System EA (Lenoir, Greene, and Pitt counties, NC)

RJG&A evaluated all proposed construction areas, prepared an environmental report, and handled permitting for the proposed construction of a new water treatment plant and 93 miles of new lines that would serve 17 public water systems in 3 counties.
RJG&A staff coordinated with municipal officials to address State and Federal agency concerns over secondary and cumulative impacts.  USDA Rural Utility Service issued a FNSI in October 2003. The project received a $63 million USDA grant in April 2004, the largest grant awarded for water and wastewater infrastructure in that agency's history.Our engineering partner was The Wooten Company and CDM.

Caswell Beach Wastewater Collection and Reuse Systems EA (Brunswick County, NC)

RJG&A provided a SEPA EA including wetland delineations, stream impact assessments, and rare species surveys for a new central pump station and approximately 52,000 feet of sewer and reuse waterline in the Town of Caswell Beach.  The project will transfer wastewater flows from the Town of Caswell Beach area to the Town of Oak Island’s East Oak Island Water Reclamation Facility (WRF). The Town of Caswell Beach plans to utilize the Oak Island Satellite plant to obtain reuse water for irrigation.  Staff members surveyed the construction areas for protected species and their habitats, provided input to the engineers about route alternatives that would minimize impacts, and addressed CAMA permitting issues.Our engineering partner was W.K. Dickson.

Lincoln County Water and Sewer Authority Water and Wastewater EAs (Lincoln County, NC)

Lincoln County and its consulting engineers contracted with RJG&A to provide three Environmental Assessments for proposed improvements to the East Lincoln County Water and Sewer District’s water and sewer systems. The projects included the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant and collection system, upgrade and expansion of an existing water treatment plant on Lake Norman, and new water distribution lines and elevated storage tank. RJG&A coordinated with multiple state and federal agencies concerned about the impacts of the projects, the lead review agencies for each project, project engineers, and County engineers and planners to negotiate a single mitigation package that enabled issuance of a FNSI for all three EAs. The mitigation package consisted of several new ordinances developed by Lincoln County Planning staff, and was considered sufficient to mitigate potential future impacts. Our engineering partner was Pease and Associates.

Salisbury – Rowan Utilities Town Creek Sewerline EA (Rowan County, NC)

This project serves existing and future development along I-85 and US-29 between China Grove and Salisbury, a rapidly growing area midway between the Piedmont-Triad and Charlotte metropolitan areas. State and Federal review agencies opposed issuance of a FNSI without more strict regulation of land disturbances to mitigate for anticipated secondary and cumulative impacts of the project. RJG&A met with County planners and engineers, and developed a new ordinance for Rowan County that would regulate certain land disturbing activities in the project service area. After presenting to the County Board of Commissioners, and securing their approval, the ordinance was sent to the North Carolina Department of Justice, Attorney General’s office for review and comment and a FNSI was issued. Our engineering partner was Pease and Associates.

Creedmoor Lake Rogers Dredging Project EA (Wake County, NC)

Severe sedimentation and nutrient loading from inadequate erosion controls and agriculture over many years had reduced Lake Rogers’ volume by one-third and created nuisance algae blooms, hypolimnetic oxygen depletion, excessive manganese and organics in the water column, problems with disinfection byproducts in the treated water, and taste and odor problems in the City’s water supply. RJG&A delineated and mapped wetlands along the shoreline and on the proposed disposal site, surveyed for protected species, and prepared an EA following NEPA and NC-DWQ guidance. We assisted the project engineers in selecting least damaging construction alternatives, mitigating unavoidable impacts, and complying with US-ACE and NC-DWQ permit conditions. Our engineering partner was The Wooten Company.

West Cary Pump Station and Sewerline EA (Wake County, NC)

RJG&A conducted preliminary evaluations along six potential force main alignments and at four potential pump station sites to evaluate impacts to surface waters and wetlands, federally and state protected species, FEMA floodplains, soils, and vegetation communities. This information was used to help select the pump station site and force main alignment most acceptable to permitting agencies. Following selection of a preferred pump station site and sewer alignments, RJG&A conducted detailed delineations and mapping of the proposed construction corridors. RJG&A prepared the SEPA Environmental Assessment submitted to NC-DWQ during spring 2005, and assisted Cary staff and engineers with responses to agency comments. The FNSI was issued and SEPA review completed a few months later. Our engineering partner was Brown and Caldwell.