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Environmental Reports


Since 1985, RJG&A has completed hundreds of Environmental Assessments subject to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) throughout the state of North Carolina. These projects include 100 or more miles of linear corridors and hundreds of acres for treatment plant construction, storage facilities, pump station sites, facility expansions, and other land-disturbing activities. All project footprints are field-evaluated for streams and wetlands, land use, and rare species  and habitat occurrences. All GPS data collected are used in GIS analysis of impacts and to assist engineers, planners, and surveyors.Cape Fear Shiner habitat

The EA process requires coordination with federal and state agencies, non-profit entities, landowners and the public, and engineering firms, often relying heavily on previous inventories, site survey data, and GIS. Secondary and cumulative impacts associated with these projects are a major component of each EA document.  

Please visit our Recent Projects page to read about some of our recently completed environmental reports.  Information about  the field survey work and permitting may be found on our Surveys and Permitting page.