Robert J. Goldstein & Associates, Inc.
Environmental and Ecological Consultants Since 1985

Natural Systems Restoration and Monitoring


RJG&A has experience in all aspects of wetland and riparian buffer restoration including site selections, preliminary soil/hydrologic investigations, riparian buffer width determinations, planting plans, well installation and data collection, and pre- and post-construction vegetative and hydrologic data collection and analysis.  RJG&A has experience in streambank stabilization, in-stream flow studies, and dam replacement functional evaluations.

Vegetation Monitoring RJG&A has been providing quality post-construction monitoring to the NC Ecosystem Enhancement Program (EEP) since 2004 as consultants for clients with full-delivery riparian buffer restoration projects and EEP on-call consultants.  We have provided over 60 restoration plans, mitigation plans, and monitoring reports to EEP.

RJG&A brings expertise in working with North Carolina (NCDWQ) and federal regulations under the Clean Water Act, including recent court rulings, joint EPA/USACE revised regulations pertaining to mitigation, and guidelines for implementing mitigation. 

For an overview of some of our restoration and monitoring projects please go to our Recent Projects page.