Robert J. Goldstein & Associates, Inc.
Environmental and Ecological Consultants Since 1985

Conservation Planning, Biological Surveys, and Ordinance Development


RJG&A evaluates development impacts to wildlife habitats, rare species, water quality, stream flow, and other public resources.  Projects with which we have been involved include: 

  • Assessing impacts to protected species and wildlife habitats
  • Habitat preservation and conservation planning, including a GIS-based decision support system
  • Development and implementation of mitigation, from avoidance to restoration
  • Ordinance development to offset secondary and cumulative impactBiological Assessment

RJG&A is well known among agencies and local governments for clear and informative presentations, and preparing complete and well-organized reports.  We are skilled in facilitating stakeholders to meet goals and objectives of conservation, and have secured grant funding for local governments land acquisition, planning, park development, and infrastructure projects.

For examples of some of our recent projects please go to our Recent Projects page.